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(A Spencer Cook Novel, #2)

Assigned to the CSIS cybersecurity desk in Ottawa, Spencer Cook accidentally bumps into a former university alumni. The old acquaintance, Cook soon realizes, is working for a powerful organized crime ring managed by the Chinese Communist Party. Spencer and his colleagues scramble to unravel the deep immoral organization, and their sinister plans. Spencer soon discovers an unlikely ally, eludes seduction and prepares a high risk elaborate scheme to destroy their plans. Uniquely set in Canada, this is a fascinating story about espionage, extortion, malware and murder; it keeps the readers guessing every step of the way.


You can order your copy of CYBER WAR from most major online retailers.

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(A Spencer Cook Novel, #1)


Spencer Cook is a typical, fun-loving teenager . . . until a senseless act turns his life upside down: a bomb explodes and leaves his father clinging to life, permanently paralyzed.

Hurt, confused, and angry, Spencer joins the military to fight terrorism. He soon finds himself in a race against time to stop the world’s most feared terrorist, Mohammad Hassan. Embarking on a worldwide chase to prevent future atrocities, Spencer must confront not only chilling acts of terrorism, but his own internal demons.

A tense, high-stakes military thriller, Operation Serpent offers an unflinching look at hatred and the deep effects of terrorist acts.


You can order your copy of OPERATION SERPENT from most major online retailers.

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From the first moments in the Canadian military to the climactic tracking of one of the world's most wanted terrorists, Dave Brodhagen, with Operation Serpent, keeps readers spellbound in high-tension adventures. This story is both rich in detail and full of present-day realism, in its many directions taken around the globe. It's a great read with a uniquely Canadian ambiance that is easy to relate to. I recommend this book to everyone!


Operation Serpent is a must-read for anyone interested in the military and terrorism. The book follows one man's passion, from basic training to actual conflict, finally leading his team to take out a feared terrorist cell before they can destroy again. Each chapter leaves you anxiously anticipating the next. The excitement is palpable. When it comes to intricate plotting this book excels in it. The ending will leave you breathless. One of the best reads of my year.

Great job Dave.


Operation Serpent is my first military novel. I was impressed with the book, it kept me flipping pages. The author precisely describes his main
characters and the dangers, during each mission. I found the book engrossing, fueling my desire to read on to see if their missions were successful.


So many human emotions are experienced, fear, anticipation, anger, sadness, and even worry. I could almost 'hear' the silence of the night.  Scared me half to death!

A well-thought-out and captivating book! I especially liked the cast of characters at the beginning of the book, it helped me keep the characters straight.


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After years writing short stories and articles for outdoor and sporting magazines, author David E. Brodhagen has turned to writing long form fiction. His first novel, Operation Serpent, introduced readers to CSIS agent Spencer Cook. His newest novel, Cyber War—a sequel to the first—focuses on Cook’s new position as the agency’s assistant director.

David Brodhagen although not an espionage expert, is well equipped to write on the topic of political crime with six decades of observing the infection destroying our society. David lives in Cambridge, Ontario with his wife Lynda Lou. He is currently at work on a prequel to Operation Serpent, David also enjoys woodworking, hunting and travel.


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